Monday, August 2, 2010


In March 09, Ben and I decided we didn't want Emma to grow up a single child, and we'd love to have another one. In April, we found out we were preggers, and I have to admit, I think some people were a little scared for me to be pregnant again. This time wasn't so bad though, I made a conscious effort to be a better person this time :) Emma wanted a brother and a sister, and I prayed quite often that she wouldn't get what she wanted (I don't do that often). If there were twins in there, I might not have been able to hold back that horrible person that comes out when there's a little nugget in my belly. Zack was born in December 09. He was another perfect baby! He was a planned cesarian, since Emma had been a C-Section I was so excited I didn't have to push any 8 lb children out! He's right where he should be devlopmentally and totally lights up my world! He's so happy, and just absolutely perfect.

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