Sunday, November 6, 2011

For my Sarah, it's been too long!

Updates! :)
 I'm taking online traffic school as I update this. HAHAHA! Stupid speeding ticket on 27th avenue between Danny's and work!

Zack is talking up a storm, he can pretty much have a conversation like a normal person, it's creepy weird!

He likes to play games on the ipad, especially matching and spelling games :)

He apparently also likes to eat his breakfast lying on the floor.

He got a big boy bed a couple months ago!

On the same day Emma got a big girl bike! There is far too much growing up going on around here!

Remodeled my kitchen :)

And got Tile in my whole house :)

Learned how to make cake pops :) PS. Totally jealous of your ability to bake like a mad woman on a regular basis!

Not sure if you saw the dog blog, but I got a stupid dog, and before realizing that I am definitely not a dog person, got another one.... OOPS! This below is Brownie, who we had for a couple months and now lives with my inlaws, we're still looking for a home for the little shitzu maltese mix we got, want a dog??? :) LOL

Friends that match (totally unplanned BTW)

Apparently Emma loves horses, she got to visit with this horse, Ace, when visiting family in KY :)

Zack didn't mind too much either :)

They also played in a graveyard, good times.

And on a Bull Dozer.... it's like they're farm people or something LOL

Visited Dad. 

 Got some warm clothes for camping in northern AZ.... looks like he's missing something though!
Emma loves preschool! 

 She's also apparently a cowgirl...

We had rock band tee shirt day at work, and I have yet to cut up my dad's old tee shirts to make a quilt, so I had a wide array to choose from :)
I also discovered the most wonderful thing! Girl Scout Cookies in non-girl scout cookie season! 

Happy Halloween!

 Zack LOVES Elmo! I was disturbed at first, as I did not understand where this love came from, then I embraced it, realizing that there are much worse things in life he will eventually love.

 Lastly, family picture time! :)

Love Ya!