Sunday, November 6, 2011

For my Sarah, it's been too long!

Updates! :)
 I'm taking online traffic school as I update this. HAHAHA! Stupid speeding ticket on 27th avenue between Danny's and work!

Zack is talking up a storm, he can pretty much have a conversation like a normal person, it's creepy weird!

He likes to play games on the ipad, especially matching and spelling games :)

He apparently also likes to eat his breakfast lying on the floor.

He got a big boy bed a couple months ago!

On the same day Emma got a big girl bike! There is far too much growing up going on around here!

Remodeled my kitchen :)

And got Tile in my whole house :)

Learned how to make cake pops :) PS. Totally jealous of your ability to bake like a mad woman on a regular basis!

Not sure if you saw the dog blog, but I got a stupid dog, and before realizing that I am definitely not a dog person, got another one.... OOPS! This below is Brownie, who we had for a couple months and now lives with my inlaws, we're still looking for a home for the little shitzu maltese mix we got, want a dog??? :) LOL

Friends that match (totally unplanned BTW)

Apparently Emma loves horses, she got to visit with this horse, Ace, when visiting family in KY :)

Zack didn't mind too much either :)

They also played in a graveyard, good times.

And on a Bull Dozer.... it's like they're farm people or something LOL

Visited Dad. 

 Got some warm clothes for camping in northern AZ.... looks like he's missing something though!
Emma loves preschool! 

 She's also apparently a cowgirl...

We had rock band tee shirt day at work, and I have yet to cut up my dad's old tee shirts to make a quilt, so I had a wide array to choose from :)
I also discovered the most wonderful thing! Girl Scout Cookies in non-girl scout cookie season! 

Happy Halloween!

 Zack LOVES Elmo! I was disturbed at first, as I did not understand where this love came from, then I embraced it, realizing that there are much worse things in life he will eventually love.

 Lastly, family picture time! :)

Love Ya! 

Friday, June 3, 2011


So, I've told Ben and Emma that when Zack is 2, they can get a dog, I will not be taking care of said animal as they poo and pee and do other disgusting things that I can't even thing about. So, we're walking through scottsdale fashion square today and Emma is attempting to share an ice cream cone with her brother just as we pass the dog store. He is utterly uninterested in the ice cream (COMPLETELY NOT NORMAL), and all he does is point and say "dog, dog dog". We then enter said pet store and look at the dogs. We then leave and Ben takes the children to play at the play ground and I go shopping. SWEET! I get a call, "Emma wants a dog", I meet them at the pet store, the lady brings 2 dogs to play with....and before I know it, I'm completely in LOVE with this lovely puppy who is yet to be named, and she is riding home with us :) PS. Zack is not yet 2. LOL!   

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

it's been a while!

OK! So, This blog is mostly for Sarah, whom I ADORE! And don't see often enough! So here's what me and my nuggets have been up to! :)
 She is so stinkin' cute, she writes songs. You should get an FB account, just to see the video I posted, she's playing the keyboard and singing "walkin' on sunshine, WHOA!"
 Zack absolutely loves riding on the back of Emma's bike <3
 Although Emma isn't some amazing balerina, this pic sure does look like she is, LOL!
 I thought I would die the first time I saw him do this. He ran straight up to her and hugged her so hard she almost fell over!
 How many kids can we fit on a couch??
 This is Emma's boyfriend beating the poo out of the pinata at her Barbie Birthday Party :)
 After almost 2 years, we're finally getting to know our neighbors, they have a boy Zack's age (above), another boy Emma's age, and a little girl who's 6 named Emma (Emma thinks they're BFF's because they have the same name)
This is my baby girl, she's so stinkin' grown up!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


2010 was a whirlwind! There were so many things that happened this year that were impactful in my life.
Zack was born the last day of 2009, so we brought him home in 2010. He has been such a fun and exciting adventure. We've had all the fun milestones of year 1 and it's been s blast. First smile, first laugh, rolling over, crawling, first word (it was Mama :)), solid foods, FIRST BIRTHDAY!, etc.

Going from 1 kid to 2 is so much different. Emma used to get our undivided attention, money, and love. Sharing has been her lesson of the year for sure. I've noticed a huge difference in how quickly she's learning things. For example, she's been able to write her name since she was 2, but didn't learn to write any new words this year. Granted, I can't tell if she's just messing with my head or not, because for the longest time she would count 1 4 6 7 3 5 9 10, and she would laugh, and then all the sudden she started to count right, so I'm thinking she may one day soon just start writing a book or something. Emma also has 4 scrapbooks for her first 3 years of life....Zack doesn't even have one, I'm not even sure we took half of the number of pictures we took of Emma in her first year.

In April I turned 26...... LOL, when I first started typing this, I put 25. HAHAHA. I used to make fun of my dad because he'd have to think about how old he was. I totally do the same thing all the time. 26 was kind of hard because I was all the sudden closer to 30 than 20.... and I don't really feel like I've already lived 8 years of adulthood. Time totally flies when you get older. Now I'm 4 months away from 27, and I'm thinking, where did this year go.
Also in April, Emma turned 3. 3 was definitely the hardest year so far. She can reason like an adult, but is as sweet as a child. That my friends is a dangerous mix. I'm really excited for her to start preschool this year, mostly because she only has 1 friend that she hangs out with right now, and she is completely obsessed with marrying him!
In May we found out my dad had brain tumors. It didn't impact me all that much right away, because he'd had cancer before and my parents told us that he had 2 years, so I thought we had more time. It wasn't until he lost all his hair and couldn't function the way he always had before that I realized there was no way we had 2 years and by then, it was too late to increase quality time, he was too sick to do anything. My dad being sick pretty much blurs the months of May through September. there were a lot of firedrills, running to the hospital, driving to northern AZ because my parents tried to take one last vacation, and it didn't work out. Finally in September I got a call from one of my mom's friends that was the beginning of the end. I decided it was time to stop playing around. Dad was in the hopsital, and he wasn't going to go home, and I knew it. So I went to the hospital, talked to all the doctor's, and finally got up the nerve to tell my mom that he needed to go to hospice, not rehab, and helped her to realize he didn't have much time left. A week later, he died. In that last week I made sure Emma got to say goodbye. She was the light of his life and seeing her loose her Papa John was the hardest thing I've had to deal with in my life. He changed when she was born. He became my babysitter 3 days a week, and everytime she was around, he was so happy. The day I brought her to say goodbye, she crawled up in his lap and just snuggled with him. He wasn't talking anymore and couldn't really communicate, but he wrapped his arms arond her, laid his head on hers and they just snuggled for a good few minutes. I took her to see him 2 more times that week, the last day she saw him, she brought him the cookie bouquet she made (it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen), he of course couldn't eat it, and she was kind of creeped out because he was so skinny, and unable to move, so I decided not to take her back at that point. She knew he was dying and she wouldn't see him anymore, she accepted it. A lot of my family came for the funeral, some of them I'll probably never see again, especially the ones on my dad's side of the family. It was really good to see them all. We spent the next couple weeks after he died cleaning out my mom's house, she couldn't stay there anymore, so she moved in with me. Originally it was just going to be for a few weeks, becuase she was going to move into a condo, but I really didn't want her to live by herself, and neither did she. So she's staying with me until her sister moves out here in a couple years, then they'll get a place together :). 

It's really nice having my mom around, she's always been super helpful with the kids, and having her here makes it even better :). I love hanging out with my mom, and knowing that she's not alone takes a huge load off.
I got back involved with the church this year, and started working with the youthgroup again. Camp was a blast and I can say for certain that that is the minitry God wants me in. At least for now.
We decided to become a 1 car family and get out of debt after a huge hail storm in PHX totalled one of our cars. It's been surprisingly easy, and if we ever are in a jam, my mom's car is generally available. Now, all our credit cards are paid off as well as most of our other debt, and we should be all done by the end of the year!
My best friend had her first baby in 2010! I got to go visit them in October the week of her birthday, it was so much fun, and Gabriel is SO cute! I can't wait to see him grow up!
Another best freind of mine moved to Portland this year! It was so sad to see her go, we've been friends since high school and have built a friendship that will carry us through life. She came back for Christmas and we got to have dinner, so that was super fun.
I learned this year that I can be domestic! My sister in law taught me how to make cookie bouquets and I fell in love with them, the last one I made was for my dad's nurses a couple days before he died, I really need to get back into them.....
We had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without dad, everything wa at our house this year, which totally works for us, since we can have my family and Ben's at the same time. Zack's birthday was the hardest for me, because dad didn't get to see Zack turn one.
2010 was probably the year with the most change for me in a very long time, but life's gotta change, and there's always a reason, and I'm excited to see what 2011 has in store for me :)