Friday, June 3, 2011


So, I've told Ben and Emma that when Zack is 2, they can get a dog, I will not be taking care of said animal as they poo and pee and do other disgusting things that I can't even thing about. So, we're walking through scottsdale fashion square today and Emma is attempting to share an ice cream cone with her brother just as we pass the dog store. He is utterly uninterested in the ice cream (COMPLETELY NOT NORMAL), and all he does is point and say "dog, dog dog". We then enter said pet store and look at the dogs. We then leave and Ben takes the children to play at the play ground and I go shopping. SWEET! I get a call, "Emma wants a dog", I meet them at the pet store, the lady brings 2 dogs to play with....and before I know it, I'm completely in LOVE with this lovely puppy who is yet to be named, and she is riding home with us :) PS. Zack is not yet 2. LOL!