Monday, August 2, 2010


I never knew I wanted kids before I had Emma. In 06, Ben and I had decided that he would probably join the military. He was inquiring with a recuiter, etc. etc. It was a total gift from God that we found out we were pregnant before he actually signed anything. I was by far the worst pregnant person ever! I didn't have any complications (besides shingles, which was actually just more of an inconvenience) but I was a total butthead to everyone. I don't really remember most of the things I did, but I've been told by almost everyone that I was just generally rude. Weird! Anywho, Emma was born in April of 07, She was AMAZING! By far the best thing that ever happened to me. She was a perfect 8lb 5oz baby, no issues whatsoever. She's now a 3 year old hilarious genius. She cracks me up and amazes me every day. Emma has always been far ahead of what the average person her age was doing. At 3, she can write small words, can write all her letters and numbers, is starting to do basic math, speaks like an adult, picks up on things like crazy, and can solve just about any reasonable puzzle you put in front of her. Her best friends are Caleb and Oakley, who are both 3 months older than Emma). She loves her friends, her mommy and daddy, and most of all her baby brother Zack!

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