Tuesday, April 26, 2011

it's been a while!

OK! So, This blog is mostly for Sarah, whom I ADORE! And don't see often enough! So here's what me and my nuggets have been up to! :)
 She is so stinkin' cute, she writes songs. You should get an FB account, just to see the video I posted, she's playing the keyboard and singing "walkin' on sunshine, WHOA!"
 Zack absolutely loves riding on the back of Emma's bike <3
 Although Emma isn't some amazing balerina, this pic sure does look like she is, LOL!
 I thought I would die the first time I saw him do this. He ran straight up to her and hugged her so hard she almost fell over!
 How many kids can we fit on a couch??
 This is Emma's boyfriend beating the poo out of the pinata at her Barbie Birthday Party :)
 After almost 2 years, we're finally getting to know our neighbors, they have a boy Zack's age (above), another boy Emma's age, and a little girl who's 6 named Emma (Emma thinks they're BFF's because they have the same name)
This is my baby girl, she's so stinkin' grown up!!


  1. LOL! Thank you!!! They grow up so fast I just have to see them, ya know? I LOVE the polka-dot dress! I want one in my size! But Emma is just adorable in it. And Zach has gotten so big. The pic with Jon is hilarious - I literally LOL'ed. :) I miss you and the stinkers! I may just have to come to Phoenix this June...
    Lova ya - Sarah :)

  2. Yay!!!!!! How likely is this maybe trip???? Omg, you would be so proud.... I think..... I decided I don't want to be a manager, I want to be a project manager, and I told jd and the managers that, so no more pressure to do a job I really don't want to do :) so I'm up for a project manager spot at the rose garden center, fingers crossed!!